Vol. 28 No.1 -01

Volume 28 Number 1, 2023

Microsoft's Cloud Computing and Customer Satisfaction 

Zarqa Shaheen Alia, Chao Zhangb 
ICL Graduate Business School, Auckland, New Zealand
a zsha016@aucklanduni.ac.nz
b 101818@icl.school.nz 


With the development of technology, more and more enterprises have begun to use cloud computing. As the main service provider in the cloud computing field, Microsoft's cloud computing has attracted much attention. At the same time, customer satisfaction is a key factor in measuring and supporting corporate performance. The purpose of this research is to attain the status of customer satisfaction, discover any influencing factors, and the reasons for customer satisfaction by using online review data. Overall, the research results indicate that the number of satisfied reviews of Microsoft cloud computing is much higher than the number of dissatisfied ones. Quantitative data show that customers' online reviews mainly come from companies of different sizes, three main industries, and three main departments and qualitative data show that the main factors affecting customer satisfaction are products, support services, and business value. 


JEL Classification: O14 


Keywords: cloud computer (CC), customer satisfaction (CS), Microsoft cloud computing, support services, business value 



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Ali, Z.S., and Zhang, C., 2023, Microsoft's Cloud Computing and Customer Satisfaction, International Journal of Business, 28(1), 001. https://doi.org/10.55802/IJB.028(1).001


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