Vol. 28 No.4 -04

Volume 28 Number 4, 2023

Consumer Behavior and Purchasing Decisions on Apparel Products: A Critical Examination

Tran Khanh Hung a, Dang Thai Binh b*, Hoang Van Hoa c, Do Quynh Anh c, Nguyen Thi Thanh Huyen d​​​​​​
National Economics University, Hanoi, Vietnam
b* Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (VASS), Hanoi, Vietnam
Corresponding email: Dangthaibinh1985@gmail.com
c National Economics University, Hanoi, Vietnam

d Thuy Loi University, Hanoi, Vietnam


Apparel is one of the top priorities in Vietnamese people's spending. Vietnamese families are primarily traditional, so one person usually decides to spend on garments for individuals or family members. However, the development of the economy, the introduction of foreign cultures, and the increasing income and needs of each citizen change Vietnamese people's consumption behavior. Through a survey of 203 households in Hanoi, this study has shown changes in the clothing shopping behavior of Vietnamese consumers. The percentage of people who decide to buy clothes for the family has gradually changed from female to male. When deciding to buy, the decision-maker is more interested in user needs and preferences than other factors such as income, physical characteristics, purpose, living habits, etc. In addition, quantitative research shows five factors that affect purchasing decisions on apparel products, including individual, subjective norm, product characteristics, and advertisement.   


JEL Classification: D0, D12, D90


Keywords: apparel industry, Hanoi, consumers, spending decision behavior


Acknowledgement: This research is fund by National Economics University, Hanoi, Vietnam.



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Hung, T.K., Binh, D.T., Hoa, H.V.,  Anh, D.Q., Huyen, N.T.T., 2023, Consumer Behavior and Purchasing Decisions on Apparel Products: A Critical Examination, International Journal of Business, 28(4), 004. https://doi.org/10.55802/IJB.028(4).004


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