Vol. 29 No.1 -02

Volume 29 Number 1, 2024

What Drives Emerging Products Adoption Intention? Comparing Strategic Entrepreneurship Outcome of Leading Digital Multi-Sided Platform Startups

Leony Paulina, Adhi Setyo Santoso, Chongmi An, Filda Rahmiati, Andi Ina Yustina
Faculty of Business, President University, Cikarang, West Java 17550, Indonesia


The findings from this research serves as information exchange mechanism through customer interactions and aims to contribute to enhancing the strategic entrepreneurship of the multi-sided platform start-ups through efficient implementation of e-wallet services as an emerging product. The study adopts task technology fit model in analyzing the e-wallet adoption intention for two markets: E-commerce and transportation. Based on the results of preliminary study, the differences in the respondents’ e-wallet adoption intention between the two sectors of e-commerce and transportation provides ground for this comparative study to analyze the underlying consumer behavior that endorse/ deter the usage of e-wallets. The independent variables (E-wallet tasks, compatibility, relative advantage) are analyzed within the TTF framework towards e-wallet adoption. 25-items questionnaire were distributed to a non-probability sample size of 100 and 101 valid responses for e-commerce and transportation respectively. Hypotheses were tested through structural equation modeling and exploratory factor analysis and confirmatory factor analysis were deployed to check the validity and reliability. Findings indicate compatibility and relative advantages positively influences TTF in both e-commerce and transportation usage. However, e-wallet tasks positively influence only the TTF in transportation and has no significant impact on TTF in e-commerce. The study contributes to a better understanding of the adoption intention gap that arise due to task differences and provides SE implications for MSP digital start-ups to formulate more innovative strategies for user attraction.


JEL Classification: O3, Y8, O36


Keywords: emerging products, strategic entrepreneurship, multi-sided platform, task technology fit, e-wallet tasks, compatibility, relative advantages, adoption intention




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Paulina, L., Santoso, A.S., An, C., Rahmiati, F., Yustina, A.I., 2024, What Drives Emerging Products Adoption Intention? Comparing Strategic Entrepreneurship Outcome of Leading Digital Multi-Sided Platform Startups, International Journal of Business, 29(1), 002. https://doi.org/10.55802/IJB.029(1).002


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