Volume 16

Volume 16 Number 4 Fall 2011

Entrepreneurial Beliefs and Intentions: A Cross-Cultural Study of University Students in Seven Countries
Yvon Gasse and Maripier Tremblay

The Influence of Organizational Capital on the Conception of the Enterprise Project
Jean-Louis Paré, Jean Rédis, Lubica Hikkerova

What is the Performance of Incubators? The Point of View of Coached Entrepreneurs
Jacques Arlotto, Jean-Michel Sahut, Frédéric Teulon

You Said Successful? Actual and Perceived Performance of Venture Capital in France
Karim Medjad, Etienne Krieger, Violetta Gerasymenko, Romain Grandsart, Frédéric Iselin

What is the Real Role of Corporate Venture Capital?
Jean-Sébastien Lantz, Jean-Michel Sahut, Frédéric Teulon

Volume 16 Number 3 Summer 2011

Kappa Performance Measures with Johnson Distributions
Naceur Naguez and Jean-Luc Prigent

CPPI Method with a Conditional Floor
Hachmi Ben Ameur and Jean-Luc Prigent

The Impact of Qualitative Factors on Ethical Judgments of Materiality: An Experimental Study with Auditors
Riadh Manita, Hassan Lahbari, and Najoua Elommal

Sensitivity Analysis of Domestic Credit to Private Sector in Pakistan: A Variable Replacement Approach Applied with Con-integration
Omar Masood, Shazaib Butt, Syed Alamdar Ali, Mondher Bellalah, Frederic Teulon, Olivier Levyne

Financial Crisis and Economic Downturn
Georges Pariente, Bora Aktan, and Omar Masood

Measuring Immaterial Capital for Organizations Using Multicriteria Reference Point Model
Imène Brigui-Chtioui and Inès Saad

EMU: The Sustainability Issue
Frederic Teulon

Hard and Soft Controls: Mind the Gap!
Tawhid Chtioui and Stéphanie Thiéry-Dubuisson

Volume 16 Number 2 Spring 2011

ERP Diffusion and Mimetic Behaviors
Erick Leroux, Pierre-Charles Pupion, Jean-Michel Sahut

Management Quality and Operating Performance: Evidence for Canadian IPOs
Lorne N. Switzer and Jean-François Bourdon

The Effectiveness of Loyalty Programs: An Application in the Hospitality Industry
Lubica Hikkerova

How Well Does Venture Capital Perform in France?
Jean-Michel Sahut and Anis Mnejja

Gender’s Perspective of Role Model Influence on Entrepreneurial Behavioral Beliefs
Jean-Pierre Boissin, Bénédicte Branchet, Servane Delanoë, and Veronica Velo

Volume 16 Number 1 Winter 2011