Volume 20

Volume 20 Number 4 Fall 2015

Volume 20 Number 3 Summer 2015

Volume 20 Number 2 Spring 2015

Volume 20 Number 1 Winter 2015

The Early Bird Gets the Worm? The Stock Returns and Operating Performance of Quick SEOs
Yi Jiang, Mark Stohs, Xiaoying Xie

On the Estimation of Extreme Values for Risk Assessment and Management: The ACER Method
Kai Erik Dahlen, Per Bjarte Solibakke, Sjur Westgaard, Arvid Næss

Mutual Fund Performance: Luck or Skill?
Ajay Bhootra, Zvi Drezner, Christopher Schwarz, Mark Hoven Stohs

Stock Market Behavior: A Fractal Analysis of Saudi Stock Exchange
Dhari Al Abdulhadi, Shekar Shetty, Mansour Alshamali

Financial Distress around Introduction of Hedging in the Oil and Gas Industry
Zahid Iqbal